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Cambium : The Houses

​​倫敦, 英國


  •  最低售價:GBP 1,050,000

  • 位置:15 Victoria Dr, London SW19 6AD

  • 單位總數:55

  • 單位類型:3房至5房

  • 單位面積:1,551至2,431平方呎

  • 預計竣工:己落成

  • 業權:永久業權

  •  已屆現樓,永久業權別墅住宅項目

  • 由國際級澳洲發展商興建,信心保證

  • 座落倫敦最宜居綠化地段之一Southfields,環境清幽,附近為大型公園Richmond Park及Wimbledon Common,亦鄰近社區、河畔及主要街道

  • 就近Southfields 地鐵車站,乘地鐵23分鐘到逹倫敦Zone 1 區域

  • 區內設有不少優質幼兒院、中小學,以及著名私校,包括倫敦市內排名前十公私營中學:King's College School (Wimbledon)、St. Paul's School 等

  • 駕車36分鐘內到達倫敦希斯洛機場,位於優越且交通便利

  • 單位間隔實用,前後雙花園設計,盡享日照,採光以及戶外空間充裕


Cambium, 15 Victoria Dr, London SW19 6AD




Disclaimer: The information and images contained in this document are illustrative and/or indicative only as at March 2016 of the finished product and are subject to change. This includes any design detail, individual features, colours, services, appliances, furniture, furniture layouts or landscaping. Development layouts and dimensions provide approximate measurements only and are subject to variation. Total areas provided are net sales areas and are subject to a variance of +/- 5%. There may be variations in size of gardens, balconies, windows and terraces depending on the location of the dwellings. The information herein should not be relied upon as accurately describing any of the specific matters under the Consumer Protection for Unfair Trading Regulations Act 2008 or otherwise. For more detailed information please contact our sales team. The information in this document does not constitute a contract or warranty.